Table & Floor Standing Clusters.
Latex balloon clusters normally fly for 18 hours so need to be set up on the day of your event.

Foil Balloons last a week & look their best for around 5 days. 

The strings can be of floor or table height for no extra cost.
Balloon clusters come complete with a box weight.

Birthday age or occasion printed can be added on to the top of latex balloons at no extra cost, a double bubble Latex balloon is extra, but these are only available in generic prints (stars, flowers, swirls, dove's and hearts, butterflies, happy birthday or several just married designs).

We have many themed designs that we update regularly on our Facebook page in the photos section by theme. 

All our balloons as sold to be set up on site at your venue by NABAS trained balloon artists.

Single Latex Balloons come in a range of colours and are £2 Each.
Single Confetti Filled Balloons £3 Each.
Single Foil Balloons come in Stars, Circles or Hearts and are £3 each.
Add personalised text for £1 per foil balloon.

Usually sold in clusters of Three or Five odd numbers look best.

Trio Clusters

Trio Of Latex Balloons Top Double Bubble
Trios Of Latex Balloons With Top Balloon Double Bubble From £7.50.
Trio of Latex All Double Bubble
Trio Of Latex Balloons, All Balloons Double Bubble From £10.50.
Trio Of Foil Balloons
Trio Of Foil Balloons, In Stars Hearts or Circles
From £9.

5 Balloon Clusters

5 Balloon Cluster Standard Style, Top Double Bubble
5 Balloon Cluster With Top Balloon Double Bubble From
Standard Style £11.50
Mixed Clusters.
Worked Out By The Pricing Above £2 Per Latex & £3 Per Foil, Confetti Balloons £3 Each.

Stairway To Heaven From £15.00
6 balloons or more arranged around a mirror in a spiral with table diamonds
Standard - 6 balloons around a mirror base add a double bubble top balloon and carry on adding balloons for extra height and wow!

Stairway To Heaven
Stairway To Heaven With 12 Balloons